About Us

Our mission is to introduce different products, models and materials to our customers, and make them to take advantage of a good service.

Our company, which was established in 1985 in Denizli, serves abroad and domestic in advertisement-promotion sector. In our product portfolio, bags were always the featured products. Our bag exportation started with 1990 ITALY World Cup Organization's orders and then continued with various global brands and big organizations. And today we do worldwide exportations to the biggest organizations in various bag categories. Especially in bag production, 20.000 units of our daily 50.000 units production capacity is SEDEX approved.

Our saddlery bag production capacity is 4.000 per day. In all productions we are using our own manufacturing, patented, recyclable fabrics. We could make DDP delivery to all EU coutries from our Slovakia warehouse.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make long-term investments at employees' education and technology in order to be reliable company in the sector by keeping our customers satisfied. By not harming the environment and surrounding, create environmental awarness. Fulfill our social responsibilities. To be useful firstly for our personnal and then to environment and to our country.

Our Vission

Our vission is to be a solution partner in confection, home textile, promotional industry of the global brands.